Christmas Photo Booth Melbourne

Christmas Photo Booth Melbourne – Take A Photo With Santa!

It might be unusual how Australians celebrate Christmas compared to others, especially in the northern hemisphere; theirs is a chilly one. Ours is all sunny and pluck for a picnic at the beach and as blazing as the “barbie” grill.

However we celebrate it, anticipating gifts from Santa Claus, may it be like a potluck, with or without exchange of gifts and even with that perfect plum pie with a secret treat; what matters is that the spirit of Christmas is here and among us.

But to make it extra precious for the kids, parents would have to queue up at the mall where Santa Claus is waiting, and everyone takes a turn to have their moments with him captured. But these days, photo ops with Santa has improved with the dawn of the photo booth.

Christmas Photo Booth Melbourne

There are things unimaginable then that could be done now with a photo booth, primarily our Christmas Photo Booth Melbourne, and here are viable reasons why you should book a Mirror Booth:

  • Themes and design fitted to any occasion – any time of the year, the Mirror Booth is popular in every event as well as in annual Christmas parties because the themes, layouts, frames and other elements could be set up according to the event. There is minimal time spent to put it all together and determine what season, time, and occasion it should feature.
  • It’s all great when you look good – it comes with a lighting feature that sets the tone of the photos, and those in it will look fabulous and flawless at all times. There is no need for quick touch-ups or over the top editing.
  • It’s the ultimate “gift” for an experience – a cake without icing seems like an ordinary treat, lipsticks without flattering pigments are a tad boring, and a photo booth that takes photos and prints them is just but ordinary. But this one has signing features, stickers, and games and unlimited prints! It’s like opening a single present with a lot of stuff inside!
  • As cool as a Christmas Mint Candy Cane – of course, not in a literal sense. But somehow, it is an added attraction to Christmas parties, and other related events to it as there is no need to explain how it works for people, all they have to do is have it their way –layouts, stickers and all.
  • Augmented Reality Santa – what if Santa would have to go on a mad marathon towards the washroom? No worries, because there is one built-in program software of the Mirror Photo Booth that could be a proxy for a while and for so long as you want to include him in your photo. In that, your photo experience would not be as frosty because you have Santa for company.
Christmas Photo Booth Melbourne

 But the Christmas trail does not end there; must it be seen, heard and experienced, not just imagined as reindeers flying in the air. It should be that before the 25th of December that it must be booked or else “Augmented reality” Santa might, unfortunately, fall prey and be in the fellowship of the naughty. So be quick, be alert and witty!


Watch the video below for Santa Augmented Reality Experience with the Mirror Photo Booth



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