Events Photobooth Melbourne

Events Photobooth Melbourne – 10 Reasons Why You Need A Photo Booth for Your Event

If one is adept at the study of human existence, then one might be dealing with pertinent dates in history, and of course, each of these is marked by eons, eras, circa, and other approximations in dates. No wonder that even today, there is a reserved niche in each of us that we honour natal days, marriages, and induction into the society and endowed them with more modern names.

Now, we have Birthdays, Christening or a welcoming ceremony to the faith and the community of believers. Bar/Bat Mitzvah for the Jewish youngsters ordained in the faith. And then, in the office, Christmas party and End of Year party to punctuate the pinnacle of the year. Retail Opening and other corporate events to introduce a product or service line encourage more business partnerships and sponsor charities. Weddings in various forms, cultural norms and inclusive congregations witness the blessed union of two people. And must we anticipate that local holidays are not even yet included here?

Events Photobooth Melbourne

Noteworthy to mention that we have ten reasons for you to hire a photo booth for different events:

  • We celebrate and commemorate because we remember. We take photos because we want to be reminded too. And the preferred way to capture photos today are now through the photo booth.
  • Documentation of what had transpired– just like written language or the event of interviewing people; we document and try to encapsulate everything not only in words but through photographs.
  • Campaign and advertisement– we need a sort of leverage that is not so gimmicky but subtle, and this is done through photos.
  • The Need to Connect – photos link us to a particular experience, event and even emotions. But also literally, to people, and we can do this through SMS and MMS features of photo booths.
  • Living in the moment – we conjure up our own stories as to how we perceived through our senses what occurred- who was there and what was happening.
  • Story to live by – would it not make anyone proud to tell that in a certain event, they are present, and this is evidenced by photos.
  • Stellar Impression –literally craving to be seen, then do it with photographs headlining even the Social Media sites.
  • Striking milestones – bookmark each life events with a photo and later show them to your sons, daughters and grandchildren.
  • Lasting testament – photos are like pages of history books; they enlarge the moments and keep them alive in the memory.
  • Remnants of life-changing events– you may not have remembered how you looked, how things went out, but at least the emotions that the photos evoke would still be there.
Events Photobooth Melbourne

In fact, we have a lot of Events Photobooth Melbourne packages to choose from:

    • Mirror Photo Booth (standard printouts) – Mirror Booth with standard 4×6 printout (postcard size) with unlimited prints and MMS and SMS features for sharing photos. The rest of the usual features like games, stickers and signing are still included.
    • Magnetic Mirror Photo Booth (magnet printouts) –It has all the works that the Mirror Photo Booth has; however, photo magnets could be printed, and they are the perfect photo keepsake for guests.
    • Pylon Roaming Photo Booth –this could be set up on a stand or, as it implies, could roam around to better take photos of people around the venue.
    • Photo Mosaic Wall –this could be digital or physical, and even both, depending on the liking of the client. As such that it is a mosaic, it combines all photos taken throughout the event or even includes photos requested to be integrated by the hosts that it shall form a greater and larger image or even a logo that needs to be emphasised in the event.
    • Roaming Magnet Photography (professional photographer) – A roaming photographer shall take the photos, and while everybody is occupied, he/she will print them quickly so as to produce photo magnets that could be posted onto a magnetic board and then later taken as keepsakes.

But more than this, as we say, the package can be tailored to the budget and liking of anyone who avails. And that indeed, nothing is to be anxious about because we delivered and proven that our photo booths are a fantastic addition in any event, in whatever circumstance as versatile as it gets. The only requirement for you to know is to experience it with our Events Photobooth Melbourne.


Watch the video below to view the Photo Mosaic Wall in action!



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