Looking for the best entertainment for your birthday? A hallmark  Melbourne Photobooths as entertainment for your guests, both adult and young, will do just that. 

Another candle on your birthday cake and well-wishers might be anticipating more than just a morsel of it. There has to be a crowning moment, of course, other than the multi-tiered cake to make your natal day extra special.

What are the advantages of having the photo booth as entertainment?

  • It prevents an impasse to the fun.

 First-time host or hostess? No anxiety-filled feeling or pressure to ace the hosting of the event.

  • Instant amusement for the kids.

It is an unending quest to keep the kids from running around, throwing a fit. Keep them amused with the photo booth.

  • Priceless Gift

The latest gaming console might give temporary happiness but memories captured keep one inspired and in high spirits, especially during hard times.

  • Greeting the celebrant on a whole new level.

Birthday greetings could deliver through signed photos with the Mirror Booth.

  • Immerse yourself at the moment.

Birthday happens once a year for the most loved friends and family members. Take advantage of taking a photo with them while you can.

  • You can be a game master.

What if the last thing you prepared for the party is the list of games or you are not just too good at it? Well, having photo booth entertainment means having fun games, props, and animations. There, at least you don’t have to think of that stuff the last minute.

  • Bond with people. 

You can have at least a conversation starter or games with your favourite people.

Melbourne Photobooths

Struggling with the budget? Could you still afford a photo booth? Yes, because we have an irresistibly good offer for you. Our brand new photo booth, the Pylon Photo Booth. Our Pylon Booth is not as expensive as the other photo entertainment that we have but as great when it comes to performance. Cheaper when hiring but it has features such as roaming – we take the photo booth to you, mounted wall and stand modes. MMS, Boomerang recording, retake of photos, compact and smaller than the usual photo booths but can accommodate at least four or five people. 

Melbourne Photobooths

A better alternative too, our Mirror Photo Booth has built-in games, SMS Feature, multi-layered themes and layout to your heart’s content, and more prints.

Your birthday wish of a perfect photo entertainment granted and that is with Melbourne Photobooths that puts the happy on your birthday.

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