mirror photo booth melbourne & yarra valley

Mirror Photo booth Melbourne & Yarra Valley seem to be ubiquitous with modern weddings, but they are certainly not a requirement. Whether you are considering a vintage booth, an open air photo booth Melbourne set up by your photographer or a DIY backdrop that friends and family can pose in front of, you may find yourself deciding whether this is an expense that is really worth the splurge. Here are some of the pros & cons to help you make the decision that’s best for your wedding and to fit your budget. Click here for more blogs on our photo booths

Pro: You Will Get An Extra Set Of Wedding Pictures.

Your friends and family love to pose at a photo booth Melbourne, but these shots are tons of fun for the happy couple to take a look through after the wedding. Think of it as a another way to see what friends and family were up to when you were not around. Your professional photos will be awesome for framing and hanging in your home but flipping through an album filled with photo booth pictures is guaranteed to put a smile on your face for years and years to come.

Con: There Are More Expenses To Factor In Than Just The Actual Rental.

There are often extra costs beyond just the product and service. You will need to provide a meal for the business running the mirror photo booth Melbourne, and you might need to cover the expense of transportation and mileage and any extra printing or album expenses. If your photo booth does not come with props or lighting, you will likely need to save some cash for these expenses, too.

Pro: The Pictures Can Double As Favours.

If you choose to book a photo booth that prints photos, your friends and family will have a wedding favour they will actually want to keep. It is one less thing to cross off the wedding to-do list.

Con: They May Take Away From The Wedding Atmosphere.

The placement of the mirror photo booth, and when you choose to open it to guests, Melbourne & Yarra Valley can mean that its presence splits up the wedding more than you were thinking. It is usually best to have the photo booth open from the start of the wedding and set next to the dance floor space. But it is important to remember that, depending on what your friends and family are like, this interactive activity may be a distraction from the rest of the wedding. Imagine what the dance floor would look like if all your wedding friends & Family were off trying to cram into one photo?

Pro: It’s A Nice Option For Guests Who Do Not Want To Dance.

A mirror photo booth Melbourne is fun for your friends and family of all ages, and it will give your friends & family something to do when they want a break from being on the dance floor. Plus, a photo booth can be a great ice breaker for friends and family who haven’t seen one another in person for a very long time or who do not know a lot of people attending your wedding reception. Think of it as a great place for your loved ones to bond.

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