Our stylish Mirror Photo Booth is perfect for any event theme.

They say clothes make a man and so meticulously these days design and taste are of the essence. Colour blocking, crisp monochrome options, or mix and matching outfits can give an instant upgrade to any wardrobe and breathe new life on your outfit staples. They provide a new dimension to your appearance and the depth of the character of your OOTD.

Just like an in vogue clothing, our Mirror Photo Booth is also a fashion chameleon. It conforms to whatever themes or moods of various events and has defining styles for each.

Mirror Photo Booth
  • Shabby Chic/Rustic 

The photo booth is embellished with white picket fences, grass carpet and a wooden frame. This style is a perfect pair for the picturesque view of a wedding outdoors with just the right chunk of laid back glamour. Moreover, there is also an option of removing the grass carpet and white picket fences by placing rustic backdrop instead, say wooden barn door that is perfect for rustic weddings venues.

Mirror Photo Booth
  • Hollywood themed events or any corporate events styling

There is nothing more breathtaking than red and gold, and we have them for frames and bollards and a red carpet. But to give a simple yet elegant feel, some opt for a just a gold-framed Mirror Photo Booth.

Mirror Photo Booth
  • Black frame

There is something both regal and high fashion with black. Just like the gold frame, this one is a best-seller during corporate events and product launches. 

Mirror Photobooth
  • Timber frame

This style has the more chill and reviving enchanting appeal with or without the rustic backdrop it is so popular during birthdays and for rustic weddings as well.

No matter how many “costume changes” or calibrating of style, the Mirror Photo Booth is always dapper and polished to match any events. It is true to its gallant form and its lauded features it can withstand any theme and aesthetics of our clients because we always believe listening and observing what they like never runs out of style.

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