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Your Wedding Guests Must-Have A Photo Booth Yarra Valley

Photo booth Yarra Valley – We all know that the wedding day is an expensive endeavour. From venues to wedding dresses to custom flower arrangments and beyond, you can find yourself spending tens of thousands on your special day. The good news is, it is that almost always worth it because the wedding day is by far one of the most important and memorable days not just for yourself but for everybody who loves you & is there to help celebrate this big day with you. Click here for bookings

Some of your friends and family will travel far to be there on your special day, and many will take time off from work, might even sacrificing their own vacation to celebrate with you. They will buy you wedding gifts from your registry, rent expensive motel rooms and buy new clothes to look up to par next to the happy couple.

No doubt, you will want to show your gratitude to your friends and family because you love them back, too. Thankfully, there are heaps of ways to do this. You can hire a band or DJ to ensure your friends and family danced all night long, and you may splurge on wedding favours for your friends and family to take home. You may even have goody bags for them to take home in their hotel room.

While these are all excellent ideas, there is one thing everybody will say is to be the best crowd-pleaser, and that is a photo booth Yarra Valley & Melbourne. “The only two photos I have on my fridge door right now are from two wedding mirror photo booth Melbourne,” says Jane from south-east Melbourne, “I also attended a wedding reception last month, and they had not hired a photo booth, and it is like, it did not even happen.”


It is true. photo booth Melbourne, especially the new-age, open-air photo booths like The mirror photo booth Yarra Valley, are one of the most awesome ways to show your friends and family how much you appreciate them being here for you on your special day. “We have even seen couples opt-out of traditional wedding gifts, like candy jars or scented candles, in favour of wedding photo booth Melbourne,” says Matt Jefferies, the owner & operator of The mirror photo booth Yarra Valley, “and in our professional opinion, it is the always to go. Unlike a candy jar which, admit it, will be eaten shortly after the wedding or a month or two, a personalized photo booth memory is something your friends and family will keep on their fridge until they have no more room on it or buy a new fridge.”


You might think what is so awesome about photo booth Yarra Valley photos compared to, for example, professional photographer pictures or just friends and family’s mobile phone photos. The truth is, photo booth Melbourne are people magnets. They draw guests in, help them to loosen up & show a playful side. They break the ice between otherwise unfamiliar friends and family and overall make the wedding that much more entertaining and memorable. Not to mention your friends & family will take home actual, physical picture prints, which have become such a rare thing today that it will make them that much more desirable.


Your wedding reception is undoubtedly one of the most meaningful and important days in your life, and while there are heaps of things that define a successful wedding reception, your friends and family mostly do not notice these things. What they do take notice of & remember is how much fun and excitement they had, and modern photo booth Yarra Valley like the mirror photo booth Melbourne from Matt Jefferies Entertainment, make that a certainty. Click here to book