So You Have Hired A Photographer, Why Do I Need A Mirror Photo Booth Yarra Valley? 

Hire a photo booth Yarra Valley – We always get asked this question. A photographer & a mirror photo booth Yarra Valley are not the same thing! So we would like to shed a bit of light on why hiring a photo booth Melbourne for your event is a MUST HAVE, even if you have hired a photographer.


Having a photo booth Yarra Valley at your celebration is a major attraction for friends and family because it is fun and photographers/videographers have a tendency to focus on the couple & close family, and they swiftly move in and out of crowds to get the perfect shots. The photo booth creates a fun & exciting atmosphere of laughter that will fill the event. It is something that will keep them entertained & talking about your function for quite some time. And when they forget, they will look back on the picture keepsakes to remember it all over again! Photo booths Melbourne are a 3-in-1 solution for your event needs – Entertainment, Fun Photography, and Memorable Keepsakes!

Photo Booth Melbourne has all the latest in photo entertainment Yarra Valley that is perfect for your corporate event, wedding, Christmas party, School formal, in-store promotion, kids party or any event you may need a photo booth for

We have the mirror photo booth Yarra Valley which is a giant mirror with a tv touch screen inside. It prints out photos, let’s you SMS the photo to your phone, has a beauty filter feature, GIF video feature, Sign and stamp feature, Virtual props feature, built-in games feature and tones more. Every event comes with a free guest book, props, attendant for the whole event and choice of backdrop or bollards and carpet. 

We also have a Pylon ROAMING photo booth Yarra Valley which has the printouts, SMS photo to phone, GIF video feature and what is cool about this photo booth is that the operator can take it into ROAMING mode and bring the photo booth and experience to you. Comes with choice of backdrop, bollards and carpet, guestbook, attendant all night and props.

We also have event photo magnets which simply is a roaming photographer taking photos all event long and printing them out as magnets and sticking them to our magnet board so that guests can collect them.

Lastly, we have a photo mosaic wall which comes with three staff. One is a roaming photographer, and the other two operate the mosaic wall. Photos get sent to the printer and printed in little squares with a code that gets matched to the code on the mosaic board and creates one big picture of your corporate logo or the wedding couple made up of little pictures taken on the day of the event.

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