Modern Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne - Rainy Weather Ideas And 3 Ways Your Guests Will Love Your Wedding

Modern Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne – Why Guests Will Love Your Wedding and Rainy Weather.

Do Not Let The Rain Spoil Your Wedding Celebration. Hire Our Mirror Photo Booth

Every couple dreams of their wedding celebration being in the bright sunlight with the heat of the sun warming their special day. The weather is not predictable or pleasant. With heavy wind and rain showers happening more often, it can wreck a wedding day. With our modern mirror photo booth Melbourne you will have guests talking about your wedding every time they see the pictures.

Your friends and family can not go outside to enjoy the gardens that your wedding reception provides. That awesome firework display that you spent lot’s of money on, getting it all to go in time with your selected music, well that could not happen because of the bad weather. 

Everything you organised was for outside activities, weather depending, and now there is no chance you will make use of it. So there must be a backup plan to save your special day from the bad weather, and here there is.


So everybody is stuck inside the reception. Nothing to do because the bouncy castle is outside in the bad weather. Guests want to be entertained. So entertain them inside the venue with a Las Vegas-style wedding. There are so many businesses offering casino tables and different kinds of casino tables available today, from poker to blackjack. Having just one table to entertain brings a lot of attention away from the bad weather. 

Providing your family and friends with 200 chips to use on entry (no real cash will be needed), they will be playing at the blackjack table trying to turn their 200 into 400 and more. You can decorate this up to a full Las Vegas experience or have it as an invite-only club, giving all of your friends and family the real V.I.P. feel. 

Your V.I.P. friends and family will not want to leave the gaming room from all the fun they will have, winning more and more chips. To make it even more fun, add a prize at the end of the event. Book our Yarra Valley photo booth today



Not all your family and friends will be prepared for the rain, and these guests may not want to get their dresses or suits wet, meaning they may have to stay in their wet outfits for the whole day. With so much rain pouring down on the wedding day, it is very easy to forget and not be prepared. You should have an umbrella on hand just in case. 

The trouble you may have is that some umbrellas are not practicable for weddings, so you might not want to destroy the look and feel of the wedding day with mismatched umbrellas. You may, however, have umbrellas that have a unique look to them. 

This may mean they come with a personalised message that you picked or just a design you like. You may even provide an umbrella for every guest to take home with them. (A fantastic wedding gift too)!

With your white wedding, a simple white umbrella, with the customization you picked, will keep up the consistency and do an amazing job of keeping guests dry. 


With your friends and family choosing to stay inside, the music becomes even more crucial. With everybody in the inside areas of the wedding venue, there might be no escaping from the cheesy music wherever they may go. 

Although cheesy music is essential at wedding receptions, too much of it would be worse than standing outside in the pouring rain. Guests want a mixture of cheese and awesome tunes that are really easy to dance to. 

Getting the song selection right may be easy, when you send out your wedding invitations, with an RSVP ask your family and friends to provide a please playlist of songs, give them the chance to make a request for a song.

This way you will find an amazing mix. What you will also find out is that when your guests hear their requested tune they will get up on the dance floor and dance to it, surely bringing all their friends and family and anybody else they can get to join in with them. The more you spend time on the dance floor the less time worrying about what is happening outside. 

Whether you have got a D.J. or a live wedding band for the music it is definitely worthwhile having a talk with them about the styles of music you like to hear on your special day to ensure you and all your guests are up and dancing to the music you want to here. If you have hired or would like a live wedding band just ask them a few questions about how they will be able to get guests onto the dance floor. A live wedding band will not be able to learn 100’s of new songs so make sure they know your top choices. 

The charisma and beautiful voice of the lead singing will draw guests to come and listen to them, even when they are not dancing to their music. 


It is important to work with the photographer before the day of the wedding to decide where you would like your pictures taken around the reception venue. Make sure you have a plan for inside photos just in case it rains. You should hope for the best & plan for the worst. Usually, you planned for most of the pictures to be taken outside, planning on having the background of green trees and clear blue lakes. The rain could stop you from going outside and getting your dream pictures. 

However, if you do choose to go outside, you’re on the day photographer will be able to take some awesome pictures in the wet weather. You might find that it can rain intermittently so you will get a better light for the pictures. Equally, with the use of umbrella’s you had organised you can create some amazing and romantic photos. The photographer’s camera should be able to withstand the wet weather for a short period of time while you are out getting the pictures. 

Some photographers do secretly want wet weather. It brings some real emotion in the pictures, you & your partner will cuddle closer to make sure each other is warm. You would not let the wet weather get in the way of one of the most important days of your life. Now I would like you to think of a couple of the most famous movie scenes kisses, you will notice a lot of them will take place in the wet weather. Own the wet weather and make the most you can of it, have fun with it & the right photographer will be able to snap that perfect picture for you. 

So now you have the most amazing picture, one that you did not think that you would ever get, you have a memory that you will cherish for a lifetime because of the wet weather. The rain helped you get one or more of the best pictures of the whole day. 


With the rain or not so good weather you might feel that you do not have enough to entertain your friends and family on the inside of the reception. Yes, the music provided by the wedding DJ Melbourne is going amazing and the casino table was a hit. The modern mirror photo booth Melbourne and the attendant will be the entertainment for the rest of the wedding. 

Our mirror booth comes with a huge selection of props your friends and family will be dressing up in front of the photo booth, using our custom made prop signs and having the perfect picture taken with them. They will keep gathering up other people, and even yourselves, to have more and more pictures taken for them to go home with. 

The photo booth will entertain all your family and friends, and it will come with a guestbook you can have on the day memories to take away with you that night. Our attendant will encourage everyone to put in a photo and write a message. You will enjoy having a look through the hilarious pictures and comments your friends and family all left for you about your special day.


Yes, there might be rain on the wedding day. But there is no reason to get annoyed and worry. The correct indoor add ons from a wedding hire company will help, as the casino table to add more fun to the wedding day.

Be organised, and get customised umbrellas so guests will still have the choice to take a walk outside. 

Get the perfect music, making guests want to stay inside and listen and dance to the awesome song choices.

Work with the photographer to make sure you achieve all these amazing photo’s you are wanting.

Give them entertainment with a mirror photo booth Melbourne which they can just keep taking pictures all night long. 

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Three Guaranteed Ways The Guests Will Love Your Dream Wedding

Weddings are an amazing atmosphere, such a happy occasion celebrating love and creating special moments with all your closest family and friends. It may be hard for your family and friends as they will not know every person there. There may be awkward greetings and small talk as they find out more about each other and learn about how they know you. The reason everybody is in the same venue! 

Fear not! There are many awesome ways to help get your friends and family talking to others at the wedding reception and get involved in the entertainment you have provided. 

Have variety in your choice of entertainment 

As a photo booth operator, I have discovered that your family and friends will have a lot more fun and will more likely engage with other guests much more when there are activities to do. 

I have been to heaps of weddings and having some garden games were an awesome way to entertain all your guests. They do not need any explaining and are really easy to start and get people to join in with. Once one guest starts, everybody else wants to have a turn too. It is an awesome way for everybody to get to know one another. 

One of the best reasons you should invest in a mirror or roaming photo booth is because of the way it will bring so much entertainment and happiness to your guests. Like the garden games, when one person has a turn, it creates intrigue and everybody else wants to do it too. 

We at Matt Jefferies Entertainment have found out by having more than one different type of entertainment, they go around a much further creating a lot more fun and entertainment for your friends and family. 

Get to know the wedding suppliers on the day

This might sound silly but the suppliers that you picked will have a huge impact on how all your friends and family will feel and also will impact how you will feel throughout the wedding day.

We have listened to far too many stories from brides about how they had a wedding photographer or videographer who “took over” the wedding day or the pictures/video were not what they had hoped for. And how the venue staff at their wedding reception look not interested which then reflects how you and your friends and family feel on the day of the wedding. 

We all smile in the same ways and good manners do not cost a thing. 

If you booked a company that has an unengaged attendant watching the modern mirror photo booth Melbourne, your friends and family are less likely to get the full experience and fun taking awesome memories. We pick based on a personality who we send out with the photo booth to ensure they are fun, engaging and helpful. They bring fun moments and good times. Make sure your friends and family dress up and use the unique props we made for our photo booths. Do fun picture poses. They will also on request do photos with your guests so they can see how fun and normal it is to make a fool of yourself in our photo booth. 

Take your time to get the right attendant at the wedding reception. Remember it is the suppliers who are at your wedding that make it a day to remember. 

Give your guests something to take away

Guests love wedding gifts. They love to have a photo to remember your wedding day. 

I have pictures on my kitchen fridge from the modern mirror photo booth Melbourne at weddings I have been to from a long time ago. The best thing about the photos I took is that I look back and remember the moment the pictures were snapped, remember what I was doing and who I was getting the photo with and remember the fun I had taking those photos. 

Just think, all your guests at the wedding reception will have the pleasure of an on the spot printout on your special day and will look back on it for years to come and remember how amazing the wedding day was. Some of your friends and family may end up with seven printouts! And if you can pick to get a guest album, you will even have a guest album to look through the day of the wedding and can take it away with you on the honeymoon holiday looking back at what an amazing unforgettable wedding day everybody did have.

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