This newbie in our photo entertainment list is sure to give you joy, and it goes by the name Pylon Photo Booth Hire.

We have memories of getting excited with the flashy new toy and let us admit it that even as adults, we get thrilled in learning something out of the box and meeting new people. Even with photo booth technology, we want to be the first to bring you the latest Photo Booth Hire Sensation in Melbourne.

But exactly, how do we introduce this amazing Photo Booth to you? We do not need a full marching band, fireworks and a via satellite coverage to bolster its image. It is first of its kind here in Melbourne fresh from the United States of America, and we can assure that it is durable because it came from the makers of our Mirror Photo Booth, Foto Master.

From the name itself, you can bet on its multi-pronged features just like its predecessors.

Pylon may have meant tower, but this baby is humble, sounds complicated but really worth for the budget.

It could be held by the hand by our attendant, so it could roam with you, mounted on the wall mode if you want to keep it steady, or the stand mode.

You can enjoy this Photo Booth Hire at your event for 5 hours and more. It has an RGBW LED Light. Basler photo technology– enables it to produce high-quality photographs like that of 3D Camera. It has numerous presets and layouts to ensure that your photos have that gold standard quality.

GIFs and MMS are still ever-present in this booth, but this has a boomerang recording feature. You can also retake the photos to get that perfect shot.

It has animations too and can take photos that include four or even five persons. So to speak, might as well enjoy the rewarding experience better by hiring it now because this Photo Booth Hire is more than just a fancy current thing.

Are you interested in hiring our affordable yet equally entertaining Pylon Photo Booth? 

Call us at 0411 587 506 or send us a message here with your details and we will get back to you with a quote for your special event.