Photo Booth Party Engagement Photoshoot Ideas

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Engagement Photoshoot Ideas 

Before, some couples kept things secret about their engagement, but today a lot would like to shout to the world about it. Not a bad thing actually to let everyone know the intent to spend a lifetime with their beloved. 

And when you look around magazines and social media, the engagement photos show similar poses like sticking out that finger with a ring on it, kissing, holding hands etc. 

But what if you run out of ideas? And you want a unique engagement photo ASAP! Panic no more, for here are some engagement photo ideas that you might like and eventually convince you to go out there and strike a pose with your partner.

Our Top 8 Photoshoot Ideas For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot (and Add a Photo Booth!)

  • Time of the day – any photo looks nice with good lighting, especially outside, but noticeably, a lot chooses the coveted “golden hour” or sunset. But any time of the day could be ripe enough depends on how skilful the photographer is – broad daylight or nighttime when the sky is embellished with starlight.
  • Choose your season – pristine white as snow in wintertime, sunny as your disposition during summer, as wet and wild as the rainy months. Go out and play out your engagement photo onto which season you like.
  • Never get daunted with staying at home – who says your shared home is monotonous? Why not glamorise doing chores together? Being enraptured in each other’s arm in bed? Or be in the bathtub together while sipping wine but make sure it would not look tacky or sexualised, if you will. Play with a fierce wardrobe, too, cuddle on the couch or snuggle in the rocking chair?
  • Our place – an area in the university cafeteria where you first set your eye on him or her, the library where you hide in between rows of shelves and share that first kiss, at the local park where you bumped into each other while jogging.
  • Novels and movies – recreate Noah and Ally from the movie adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel The Notebook while the characters kissed passionately under the rain. Play one of the Bond Girls in Casino Royale, and your man is, of course, James Bond.
  • Postcard and Travel Magazine Worthy – if you have the penny and afford to have the wedding engagement photo, Paris is always on top of the list if it is safe enough from the animal attacks, research on having it in the African Safari. 
  • Natural Backdrop – the forest, waterfalls, the sea, and the lake are viable for wedding engagement photos.
Photo Booth Party Engagement Photoshoot Ideas
  • Book A Photo Booth Party Hire – tight on budget? Photobooth for the wedding engagement photos is practical and fun. We do not always hear this, but you see, there could be a lot of things that could be done with a photo booth. Say you want to incorporate a well-known figure in the photo, you can do it with augmented reality features and make the engagement photos move through boomerang effects or gifs. Do you not have any money to go abroad for the photoshoot? No problem! Have a green screen instead and select any background you want. Turn engagement photos into invites for the wedding.

A whole lot of ideas are out there; however, start with the question, “what’s close to your heart?” And from there, you can come up with engagement photos that are both pretty to look at and depict uniquely who you both as a couple are and how much you deeply love each other. And lastly, perhaps no backdrop, location, time can beat these two. So just be yourselves and have fun!

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Photo Booth Party Engagement Photoshoot Ideas