Capture every moment with the right Wedding Photo Booth Melbourne for your special day.

To walk down the aisle one day is a dream for those who finally have their “The One.” And for a woman, it is in this premise that she looks forward to wear the most exquisite wedding dress ever. How intricate she wants it to be made while the story is also as fascinating.

Less than 200 hundred years, the history of the white wedding dress is undeniably quite young. In different cultures, only royals like Queen Anne of Britanny, Mary Queen of Scots and the most laudable among the list, Queen Victoria, were brave souls to initiate the tradition. Earlier years, red was a popular choice while green was imbued as an unlikely colour and meant bad luck.

But white has evolved from the common notion of being the chosen colour that indicated purity and innocence to an epitome of grace and sophistication. It must be noted too that any material from silk, lace or whatever comes to mind white is a blockbuster to and for each bride nowadays.

And when it comes to seamless wedding entertainment, the premier provider of such is Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne!

For it is only once that a woman is the Belle of the Ball. It just fits that we also feature a photo booth that matches the glitz and glamour of her white wedding dress. And to capture that full view of the elegance of the bespoke white gown the head honcho shall be the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne.

Why should it not be amiss to have that photo taken in front of the Mirror Wedding Photo Booth Melbourne? 

Well, of course, it is as if making a great impression with the white gown through the Mirror Photo Booth. It is an awesome way to shine, and why not? It is the bride’s red-letter day! To stand out among the bridesmaid; matron of honour, that is the bragging right of the bride, and having a photo booth is a reliable tool to do so. Plus SMS the picture of the bride is a grandiose way to send the message across that the bride got hitched!

The advantage of a full-length Mirror for a photo booth is advantageous because the bride and the groom come and celebrate big time with the whole family and guests leaving no soul behind. More so, just like how runway-worthy her wedding dress is; the photography entertainment also screams high fashion.

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