Regular photobooths? They are so ‘last season’! Let’s look at the latest in picture fun with The Mirror Photo Booth Yarra Valley!

What Is The Mirror Photo Booth Yarra Valley?

Magic Mirror photo booth lit up

Essentially, the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne is a full length, mirror-based photobooth. Think of it as a selfie on a bigger scale. It is much more than that though, This photo booth Yarra Valley is a giant, interactive selfie machine. Our research shows that the on-trend thing is to add emojis, filters & text your pictures. Well, The Mirror Booth Melbourne does all of that & more.

What Features Does The Photo Booth Melbourne Have?

  • Interactive touch screen mirror photo booth Yarra Valley – the touch screen means that you can draw on your pictures and sign messages. You can add your signature, a message or a stamp to your photo to make it even more special.
  • Animations – there are heaps of different animations built into the program software. The animations also have cool voices too! There are some based aimed at adults & some aimed at kids. Animations can be added too, so if you are using the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne at a wedding reception, you can add in animations of the bride & groom!
  • Video recording – as well as taking still photos, this mirror photo booth can do videos! Imagine having the memory of your wedding friends and family in video form!
  • On The Spot Prints – you & your guests will get your prints immediately after the picture! Our printers are quick & high quality.

More On Printing & Sharing

You can pair the Mirror Photo Booth with any printer. Your friends and family can decide how many prints they want of their photo & can choose to sign or stamp emoji to the photo. What’s more, should you wish to restrict the number of pictures printed, you can be in control & set limits. 

If you do not want to print photos, this photo booth is also capable of sharing them via email & MMS text. You may also use 3rd party software to post your images, GIFs or videos to social media sites.

More Than Just Pictures & Videos

If pictures, GIFs and videos are not enough, the Mirror Photo Booth Melbourne allows users to play interactive games like Norts & Crosses and Pong!

Blog is written by Matt Jefferies Entertainment

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